Bitcoin Magazine
2018-04-27 15:31:40

Crypto Assets Offer New Opportunities for VCs on a Global Scale

As institutional capital in the crypto space increases regularly, the need for blockchain technology and related enterprise support is at an all-time high, and several companies are working hard to provide both as the arena expands. One of those companies is Coefficient Ventures, a crypto fund set on financing blockchain systems worldwide. Thus far, the company has made over 25 investments in companies and applications like Filecoin for decentralized storage; Raiden for scalability; and Zeppelin to improve smart contract capabilities.Speaking with Bitcoin Magazine, founding partner Chance Du described how she sees a central role for blockchain investment across all sectors of the global economy.The global financial industry features significant flaws in its current design. Two billion of the world’s people have virtually no access to financial services, while an additional four billion have very limited access. Du says she began investing in blockchain technology in 2017 because she believes it can remove these barricades and allow for a “more accessible and democratized” financial infrastructure.“The internet has been an extraordinary conduit for uploading, exchanging and disseminating information,” she explains. “However, until 2009, if you wanted to go and exchange value online, there was no way to do that. Whether it was data, money, the title to your car or home, you had to do it in a way that didn...