Bitcoin Magazine
2018-05-03 16:43:38

Introducing the 2018 Map of the Blockchain/Crypto Ecosystem

The 2018 edition of BTC Inc’s “Map of the Blockchain/Crypto Ecosystem” has been unveiled. The map provides a visual representation of “the space” in the form of a city skyline with buildings displaying the logos of various entities. While many of the logos were selected by BTC Inc’s editorial staff to reflect the most prominent and successful blockchain and crypto ventures, others were purchased by these projects as sponsorships.“This map is meant to provide a captivating snapshot of what has become a diverse and dynamic space,” said Peter Chawaga, editor-in-chief of yBitcoin. “It’s proven to be really popular with crypto developers and programmers as well as the larger blockchain companies and entrepreneurs in the space.”Designed by Josh Dykgraaf, who was also the creative hand behind the map’s previous two iterations, the cityscape is subdivided into 10 islands, each depicting a distinct facet of the industry: Mining, Processors, Media & Advocacy, Currencies, Wallets/Hardware, Exchanges, ICOs/Tokens, Enterprise, Blockchain Venture Capital and Blockchain Applications & Projects. With the exception of the ICOs/Tokens islands, which forms the epicenter of the city, each district sits on a separate island connected to the mainland by a series of highways.The ecosystem also includes a number of hidden gems. Upon closer inspection, one will find that the buildings in the Mining district are construc...