EncryptoTel (ETT)

EncryptoTel (ETT)Price Analysis

EncryptoTel is a blockchain-based telecommunications project that focuses on privacy-centric telecommunication services. The EncryptoTel Token (ETT) is an asset issued on the Waves blockchain and acts as the payment currency for the services provided by EncryptoTel, awarding customers with additional discounts.

Ad Soyad EncryptoTel (ETT)
Algoritma N/A
Geçirmez türü N/A
Web sitesi https://encryptotel.com/
Twitter @encryptotel
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/encryptotel/
Reddit N/A
Blok numarası 527644
Blok saat N/A
62,131,190 ETT
ICO Details

Encrypto Telecom offers radical new solutions for communication, contributing extensively to the ongoing global debate around privacy and civil liberties. Encrypted communication is the logical future for all traditional telecommunications.

ICO token allocation

  • 70% sold to ICO investors
  • 20% Team and furture employees
  • 10% Fund for call-mining rewards


  • Roman Nekrasov - CEO and co-founder
  • Aleksey Kuznetsov - CTO and co-founder
  • Igor Bityutskih - CIO and co-founder


  • Sasha Ivanov - CEO and Founder of Waves Platform
  • Dmitry Meshkov - PhD, IOHK.io researcher
Blog https://medium.com/@encryptotel
Beyaz kağıt http://ico.encryptotel.com/assets/pdf/EncryptoTel_WP_v1.pdf